Welcome to Ken's Picnic!

Our organization is named in memory of Kenneth Jacobs, a longtime Wisconsin resident. Our goal is to generate food donations for area food pantry organizations, including gluten-free items for those with special needs, and fresh produce grown locally in community gardens.

In addition to sponsoring food drives, Ken's Picnic also coordinates with the "Plant A Row For The Hungry" program, through which area gardeners donate a row or multiple rows of produce from their own gardens to their local food pantry organizations. 

We are already making plans for the upcoming growing season, which we hope will be the biggest and best ever, and many area gardeners have already expressed an interest in contributing  fruits and vegetables. Additional volunteers and contributions are always welcome.


During these difficult economic times, our animal friends need our support as well. Many rescues and low-income families are in need of food and other supplies for the dogs and cats they care for, and we are hoping to facilitate donations of such items throughout the year. Please check with your local food pantry or rescue, as many such organizations are now collecting donations of pet food.

"Lend a paw for those in need!"

This is an easy, highly effective event that anyone can host! Reserve a free space at your local park or community building and urge attendees to bring the following:

    1 cat food item (canned food or dry food)
    1 dog food item (canned or dry food)
    1 food item for the food pantry (canned soup, canned fruit, 
     canned vegetables, etc.)
    Also bring a snack for yourself, as these picnics are typically done as brown-bag events.

The goal for this event is not only to generate donations of food items, but also raise public awareness about the needs of hungry people and their companion animals during these trying economic times.

These events are always a fun, rewarding experience for everyone involved.


Questions? Comments? Want to volunteer? Please contact us. tomfromwisconsin@hotmail.com

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